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Welcome to active pest control! With about 80+ years of experience, we became the top and #1 best pest control service company in Georgia, USA. we are the 29th largest pest control company in the US. All good brands and Bug brands are a part of our company. Our company mainly focuses on offering efficient and effective treatment to organizations or businesses. Our vision and mission are to provide trustworthy service to our potential customers so that they can be satisfied.

To get rid of pests, choose a reliable pest control service company that will help you prevent pest problems for a longer duration and make your environment pest-free.

Some of the services that are offered by active pest control:

Bees, wasps, & hornets terminators

We are one of the leading local bee, wasps, & hornet control experts in Georgia. Having bees, hornets, & wasps in your home can harm your environment. But we provide you with a complete solution to these issues.

Termite Control

Termite control is one of the essential elements you should consider. As termite control experts, we first do complete inspections and do the best preventive method to remove termites from the location. We provide year-round service pest solutions, warranty, and re-service at no charge to the customers.

Locat rat & mice control

Rat infestation is highly active in Georgia, USA. The rats are the cause of several damages in various locations. The cracks, small holes, gnaw, or tear up everywhere, especially in the kitchen are all done by rats. To stop all these damages, our experts provide a complete solution with our best-advanced technology.


Q What area does active pest control cover in the USA?

Active Pest Control provides its specialized services in various cities of the USA including Georgia, Atlanta, Cobb Country, Douglas Country, and many others.

Q Which pest active pest control kill?

Active pest control kills various pests including ants, bats, bedbugs, beetles, birds, cockroaches, fleas, flies, mosquitos, rodents, spiders, termites, and wildlife.

Q Is active pest control legit?

Yes, Active Pest Control is a 100% quality pro-certified company that you can easily trust. We have been ranked 29th as the largest pest control company in the US.

Q Is a warranty provided after a termite treatment?

Yes, a warranty is provided after the completion of the termite treatment. A re-inspection will be given to the customers if needed.

Q Why should I choose active pest control over other national companies?

Various national companies in the USA will provide similar services as we offer. But there is a difference in the advanced technology we use, the solutions we offer, fast response time, and commitment to quality that makes us the most popular company in the US.