Accurate Alignments and Service

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Welcome to the Accurate Alignments and Service! in the nearest location of Oceanside, California.  Here, we own a family-owned business delivering to the citizens of Oceanside and the surrounding areas with trustworthy and expert auto maintenance and repair services.

Along with servicing your vehicle, we have alignment expertise for cars and trucks. We resolve the issues that are fixable and can be diagnosed with us. Along with servicing your car, we have a specialty in auto and truck alignments. In most cases, we can identify the issue and fix it. We deal with all different kinds of vehicles, from those with serious issues to those with minor ones.  

We offer Services in an affordable range of oil changes, engine repairs, battery services, electric car repairs, virtual consultations, tire rotation & wheel alignment, and much more at our nearby store. There will be values upheld by Accurate Alignment & Service, which is committed to providing excellent service, high-caliber work, and satisfied clients. You can rely on our family to maintain your family’s vehicles reliable, safe, and cost-effective. Furthermore, for updates, contact us.


Q What days are Accurate Alignments and Service open?

Accurate Alignments and Service is open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri.

Q How is Accurate Alignments and Service rated?

Accurate Alignments and Service has 5 stars.

Q What forms of payment are accepted?

Accurate Alignments and Service accepts credit cards.